5 everyday mistakes that destroy your team’s motivation

Avoid these mistakes that bosses often make to ensure the productivity of all employees, and good results …

Having a motivated team is key to the development of projects. Increase employee effectiveness and maintain a good work environment. However, it is not easy. Many bosses and leaders habitually make mistakes without realizing it. In the long term, employees often decide to leave the company. Therefore, it is important to know which are those daily failures that must be avoided.


Information is key for a team to work properly. Therefore, it is important that all employees know in advance the data that is necessary to do a good job. Among them, the real objectives that are pursued.

Also, there is information that bosses often think they don’t need to know. Such as the presence of problems in the company, the current situation or other things that may affect them. If you don’t report it, employees will feel that they are working blindly or that they are not valued enough.

Promote internal competitiveness

Although setting goals and promoting effectiveness and productivity is good. Confronting each other can cause internal problems that affect the development and effectiveness of each project.

There are bosses who often speak negatively about an employee in front of other workers. This can also put them in a confrontational position.

Keep secrets

Employees notice when secrets are kept in the environment. What can cause discomfort in the work environment and demotivate. To avoid this, it is recommended to always speak face to face with the person responsible when there is a problem.

Evaluate with subjectivity

Loyalty is very important in a work team. However, rewarding a person based on it, and putting someone who did a good job aside will cause discomfort. As a consequence, employees will not make an effort to do a good job because they know that this is not what is rewarded. Therefore, evaluations must be implemented from objectivity.

Treat employees as enemies

Although it seems strange, it is very common to do it. Especially in environments where employees are over-watched, where every mistake – even a small one – is strongly recriminated and where they maintain a negative attitude, as if people are not trusted. Employees need to understand that they are part of a team and feel confident.

Avoiding these mistakes will boost effectiveness. You only need to make small changes in the way you lead.